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Photography is about capturing the "decisive moment" to borrow a phrase from Bresson. The decisive moment is the split second of genius and inspiration that a photographer has to capture a certain moment. A look, a gesture, a smile, a tear.

The moment is fleeting, it lasts for a second and can never be repeated. It has to be captured and composed beautifully, exposed perfectly and presented expertly.

Weddings are full of decisive moments.

I would love to capture your decisive moments.

Lauren and Toms wedding. 30 August 2020.
Well I have finally got a wedding photographed in 2020, that is quite the achievement. Lauren and Tom where married on 30 August 2020 and they were actually my first booking for 2020 over two years ago, who could have … Continue reading
Thursday, 10 September 2020
Postponed weddings and how to cope with them.
Postponed and cancelled weddings have been a constant feature during the covid 19 crisis and anyone that works in the wedding industry has suffered from having countless weddings moved to later dates or cancelled completely. As a business owner it … Continue reading
Saturday, 13 June 2020
Personal photographic projects
Pinhole cameras and Cyanotypes. During this lockdown my wedding photography has obviously ground to a halt and in these uncertain times it’s just impossible to know when I will be back photographing weddings again, so it is important that I … Continue reading
Thursday, 07 May 2020
How are wedding suppliers coping with the current health crisis? Part three.
This is the final part of my epic blog post featuring wedding professionals and how they are coping with the current crisis. So last but not least here is EJ from https://buckinghamsonline.com/. I get the majority of my weddings from … Continue reading
Saturday, 02 May 2020